Hi I am the Painter prep artist resurfacing master

I do all sorts of crafts to make customers happy. sometimes its needing more than just paint.

Call me soon to do the work

Steady Painting

Painting Baton Rouge I finished 2 jobs this week .1 on Friday 2nd on Saturday.1st House interior and exterior .2nd house was exterior.The Black rod Iron hand rail is being removed. We did not need to paint it. Painting in Shenandoah next! If your in this neighbor hood give me a holler for a price. […]

Painting in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge home painter I have been in somebody else’s fancy home since July 31,1996. Been a while I think. No future in this I guess since we mostly get hired with spare change. Just being funny. Basically I have a life’s investment into my trades I have worked hard all my Life. Mostly the […]

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