PaintForce1,LLC PF1 Pro Painting Baton Rouge

Painting in Baton Rouge as a painter in Baton Rouge

Experienced Qualified Painter doing Interior and exterior work everywhere within 30 Miles of LSU.
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was fresh brick

Quality Of our Product

Thorough Prep Gives Us the Quality we come to appreciate. Product knowledge keeps Choosing products that form adhesion and longevity.

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repainted new
Finished drywall cabinets and painting

Paintforce1 small projects starting at: $150.00+additional-cost of materials.

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Interior small projects walls ceilings you know the list all inside- all kinds of finishes and types of paint.

While some photos are real and not necessarily made with great Camera. We do not Claim to be a photographer. we paint better than we Take photos.

Quality Minded Professional Painter in Baton Rouge Area

PaintForce1 Tries hard to seek out the best quality residential Painters in the are to perform the hard task of properly prepping and finish coating Interior or exterior Homes.  Our we attempt to train our apprentices in the right manor of performing different task necessary to bring to completion a satisfying outcome. When we leave your Home we want to feel good about our work and be able to say we did a great job on that house later on.Especially when its 17-20 years later and its just starting to fail years later.

Our company tries to find the painters worth there money . we like to see painters do well and know they like there Jobs. But our first goal is to demand quality out of them, they may not be accustomed to doing. If you wish to work with this company you Must perform and do a Great job. We know some guys will sometime not have it in them but we keep trying as long as they keep progressing forward.

Some times it does not work out paintforce1 does not like loosing money and invest in loosing more money for no change.

It takes years to gather certain information and habits that work in all situations. Everyone thinks our job is easy . Yes! Painting is always easy from the outside looking in. funny how when your asked to really do a great job you fail at it. I hate it when that happens.


Leave it To a Professional!

You know Prep is not really going to fit in your schedule. If you do your own house even you will see the work it takes to make a Job worth looking back at. think about the hours you will loose trying to be like us. do not forget the tools we constantly haul back and forth to our vans and trucks . Do your self a favor spend time with your kids instead. WE GOT THIS!

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