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schedule for spring,Or now.

I am a Baton Rouge House Painter Painting since 1993

Making plans for the year targeting jobs for the future. In The Baton Rouge LSU Area.




We use the highest quality paint and will work with you to find the right color for your home.

Custom Services

From custom jobs such as cabinets, and furniture restoration to power washing, we have you covered!

My Painting company has been opperating since 2008. In Baton Rouge Louisiana The Owner -that would be me Paul J. Aguilar has been Painting since 1993. Moved to Baton Rouge July 31,1996.

They keep giving me work so I keep working right here In Baton Rouge,La

My Google reviews

Where from ? Jefferson Parish Louisiana.

Graduate from John Ehret High.

I have done all kinds of painting and drywall repairs

I also washed houses

I redo my own work anywhere from 16-25 years later on exteriors.

I take on New customers ever so often but the ones I have been serving have kept me busy.

Quality depends on prep and product. I keep coming and going cause the people I know keep me coming and going. Truth is I cannot serve many clients as I would like too cause I Try doing Quality work My clients know me. Not sure they want to know everybody I would send.


Do you need full repaint renovation?

If you have Time I can work a whole project alone or with help.

I also have insurance and can hire help.

Home painting all over Baton Rouge Louisiana since 1996.

What Have I Not Done!

Front porch
Side angle view
Exterior Window close up

Stair way up high 24’ ceiling
Stairway See high ceiling
Exterior refresh and prepped

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