Hi I am the Painter prep artist resurfacing master

I do all sorts of crafts to make customers happy. sometimes its needing more than just paint.

Call me soon to do the work

Working a Renovation completely gutted

Almost . Working on Cabinets this week You need work done ? 225-937-9986 Do all sorts of home improvements! Get a job get a Good job! Thanks for dropping in click all over this site see the work more handi painting and small jobs but we do big ones some times too. Save this webpage […]

Do you need any work painted ?

PaintForce1 is in the Baton Rouge area by LSU we’re here to serve we are equipped with pressure washer drywall tools and painting equipment. You need something done we’re near you we’re close, we’re in your face all the time. Always working, going job to job when will we visit your home? Hey do you […]

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