Hi I am the Painter prep artist resurfacing master

I do all sorts of crafts to make customers happy. sometimes its needing more than just paint.

Call me soon to do the work

Lets do a scan on painting prices

everybody wonders what-what everybody else is charging what everybody else is charging. Then there is the other notion what are the customers willing to pay? Well there is very different lines of work. Did you know there are many so called painters. Yes the first job I ever went on was in North Carolina to […]

Webmaster / painting fool

Some times you run across a great web page and know it was professionally done its properly filled with words like curb apeal crap and other stuff . Paintforce1 knows its crap.Paintforce1 13 years of business in baton Rouge.No bad reports accept if there competition .Most the time fired!Yes laughs cause they where trained by […]

Do my own website?

Why? Cause I do not care to be run over by Google and comercial entities. comercial entities wants it to look there way and manipulate Googles algorithms. Thats fine. I am not trying to serve Google or pay for tricks to sales and manipulations. I am a Painter /drywall finishing /pressure washing/ handy local Baton […]

Truth is

Just can’t be there for everyone who ask without learning to be true to what your serving So I leave it all up to a higher authority. A rookie posted this picture. Its me!i get it I’m famous! Another painter copy cat my domain name batonrougepainter.net owned since o8 Workforce came in after i became […]

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