Painting over some nice colored varnish work.

Colored Varnish done By Lte G.I. Broussard

Actually I like the work that We are covering up with paint.

Done by Late G.I. Braussard

Colored varnish

oExotic varnish work

Face cab

Colored varnish

Side view

Painting Cabinets!

Cabinet painting steps!

Some how we been doing more cabinets then houses.

Turns out there a whole pile of work. Clean off grease, sand, disassemble, mask off,

prep, prime, paint 2 coats, reassemble, paint walls back into edges.

Final finish photo's

Best full view kitchen cabinets1Home siteFull view

Opp side

Opposite view

Cabinets kitchen area

Wash view lower cabs

Right upper view kitchen

Wall cabinets view

Cooking area

View sink cabs

Ivan k.

Process view

View of Island

Island view