Ready to repair drywal

Interior drywall repair and painting

Do my own website?

Why? Cause I do not care to be run over by Google and comercial entities. comercial entities wants it to look there way and manipulate Googles algorithms. Thats fine. I am not trying to serve Google or pay for tricks to sales and manipulations. I am a Painter /drywall finishing /pressure washing/ handy local Baton […]

Truth is

Just can’t be there for everyone who ask without learning to be true to what your serving So I leave it all up to a higher authority. A rookie posted this picture. Its me!i get it I’m famous! Another painter copy cat my domain name owned since o8 Workforce came in after i became […]

The old painter not!

Out work 90% of you! The only thing that slows me down is I do it correctly

Millworks PF1 Pro Painting

Repair or replace call paintforce1

Painting in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge home painter I have been in somebody else’s fancy home since July 31,1996. Been a while I think. No future in this I guess since we mostly get hired with spare change. Just being funny. Basically I have a life’s investment into my trades I have worked hard all my Life. Mostly the […]


I am the owner Of PaintForce1. I have been working on this site alone and trying to do my own marketing and run My Business.Hire Fire estimate negotiate mediate, and by the way been doing My own work since I began this Business . well It began years before it began..Now we have been a […]

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