My New Icon Experticus!

For the last 24 years all I ever think about is doing a good thorough Prep and paint Job. But I just figure there is only a few of us. Its a lonely world trying to find people to work for you who want the same. Old painting work is work! It always requires expertise.

Careful judgment and good discipline. Calm down and think sanely. It is about making your bills but its also about providing a quality product that enhances longevity.

So all this with high dollar products you and I both believe in.

  • Cost of products
  • Cost of operations
  • Cost of insurance
  • Cost of marketing
  • Cost of labor
  • Cost of equipment
  • Cost of equipment maintenance.

All things considered.

Oh cost of living never mentioned. We must always consider the cost of being American.

So experts are always aware of cost. Damages cost some times we loose.

Experticus must learn to move slower and carefully aware of dangers disasters. Did you know cleaning whole spills and mistakes are a loss competition in good quality and prep intensive jobs never wish for. Oh yes by the way the employee wants you to pay for that too

So at the end of the day experticus knows he will never be able to feed 5 kids doing this.

He ends up alone.

Why Paint! Because YOU have No other choice.

Being something when they really know your nothing!

Thats something!

Experticus we can replace you.

Why Paint!

Cause I ‘m Good at it!

Why cause it beat me to death but your not burying me yet!

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