Lead Generators

Do not hire Just anyone!

Hire Local Licensed contractors and service workers.

How bout we talk about that.

Did you know they charge Contractors ? Did you know they play them against each other? Did you know they can use there systems to Bleed our local economy of the total cost of your small job and make more than we make from your request for us? Did you know thats like putting a syffin hose, and suck off our local economy. Did you know there swimming in cash without evening getting dirty?

Guess who they Bleed?

No not you.

Did you know they even use there money to make war on local contractors forcing them to buy under there middleman software. They literally force local websites that pay dearly to get your attention far out of YOUR site.

I do not fear the Lead Generator battle.

I stand in integrity doing my Job and working hard to Not spend your money out of local business. I have been serving you for years since 1996, my Company did not hit the legal standard till 2008. Do you know how much that alone takes out my pocket?

You can do better for us.

You can start frequently visiting local websites more to help them out rank the generators.

Did you know you can down load apps from licensing board for contractors and look at dates ?

There are Folks who have paid there dues to exist.

Whats amazing is most lead Generators demand you give free estimates Then pay them . Then the use free to profit from Contractors.

If your going to use a free Lead Generator you ought to be mandated a fee. It completely makes since to me. In fact I want 150.00 just to come out. When i leave a Job to be badgered by insincere fake clients only running the freebies it makes Me loose major operations time for nothing more than send money to the Lead Generator of course in another state in air conditioning while i sweat and pay them.

Guess what they do if you so not play there game?

You guessed it they commence reverse marketing you hard earned and paid for name.

They slander your reputations by saying things like Paintforce1 is not approved at this time by: xxx

Then without your company permission they rake the net to braudcast there finding to confuse you the customers.

DO Not Believe Lead Generators !!!

USE Licensing Board For Contractors!

Check company names in Secretary of States office.

Simple alternative.

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