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November 6, 2017

PaintForc1,LLC Services

Safety First

Instead of calling, We appreciate you using the contact form on this site. It allows us to work and call when we have Time to chat. The other day, someone I am fond of, called me while I was sharpening a putty knife for scraping and the sander hit my finger while I was trying to hit the answer button. it was a small abrasion that spewed quite a bit of blood. I thought to myself … people don’t get it. Social calls are better after work hours.

front view

Unfinished cabinets

Cleaning and Prepping

We are sometimes presented with pretty rough conditions. Conditions that require a bunch of work. We do that stuff. We do not just cover it with paint and run. We will either replace it, get someone to replace it, or resurface it in our own way. When we finish, you will know more than painting was done. Painting is not the fix all

Painting in Baton Rouge

We are mostly painters in Baton Rouge from the area serving the area for many years. Our focus is quality and speed of application. Our primary purpose is to give you a great coating on top a great surface prep. Good work is better when it’s a thorough job all around.


face view

Wall Paper Removal

Yes this is an “in action” wallpaper removal and resurfacing job. Like I said, we get some really rough work. We always bring it to completion and never run away.

Wall Paper Gone!

Resurfacing, textured, primed and painted. This shot was taken from the opposite direction of the photo above.

was wall paper

Next Steps..

Do you have a job like this? It’s a challenging art and we do it better than most contractors. If your desiring great Quality Painting drywall resurfacing in Baton Rouge, We love this stuff!

Please …

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