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I tried hiring again that did not work. No body can handle me. Or the idea of caring about what they leave behind. Its like slap get paid and run now days. Why why i wonder?! I like to look back at my Jobs and know in my heart I did the best job I […]

Paint coatings that protect?

Only as Good as the prep.

I like my paint jobs to last longer than 10 years.

Why do all the work for a cheap job. When you choose cheap jobs you got to understand they cannot afford to do everything necessary .

Just know quality comes with a price tag.

Of course you can say you need cheaper .

But hey less is not more.

No big deal at the end of the day making client happy might have different formulas.

Be communicative do not get a attitude there may be just some miss understanding.

We have no idea why until your nice enough say so.

Thanks to my kind folks

Painting everything Great Again!





Precision Quality

Rehung gate

Maintenace repair. Made my customer happy! Looking at unhung door Hung Aligned and functional I always forget to show the before conditions bottom was rot and door would not open cause it dragged the ground. Frame was pulling loose from brick we used some knew concrete bolts and that did it!

Glass Pf1 Pro Painting

Don’t trust another business scratch the glass or tear up your of your woodwork!

Millworks PF1 Pro Painting

Repair or replace call paintforce1

Interior Painting Renovations

  Painter Does it all! Yes this Painter can. But we stick low and move with Quality in mind all the time. Your needing a guy you never met before. That would likely might be me. Been Painting behind old Painters for years before starting my business. I have been in many million dollar homes […]

Interior/ Exterior PF1 Pro Painting!

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