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Some times i get calls to drop what i am doing and come do another job but nope i stay doing whats on my list.

I do not hire just any body cause you would just get sub standard work.

The last job took more time cause the previous owners paid for some of that substandard work and well i just blew it right off with my pressure washer.

The paint came off in sheets!

Trashiest job I ever had to come in behind!

I wish I would of charged more.

It really frustrated me the time it took to clean up the trashy paint job.

My client is happy now!

I lost the customers waiting on me so i got hurt but i do the job well .

If you cannot wait for a good job call and get the substandard on I will see you in 3 years when it fails .

I promise it will cost.

The warning remains trash painters !

They put latex on top of oil everywhere the job was cheap!!

Trust me i blow it right off on the last 3 jobs!

Its sickening!!

Working to make my clients happy

Some times you run across a great web page and know it was professionally done its properly filled with words like curb apeal crap and other stuff .

Paintforce1 knows its crap. Paintforce1 12 years of business in baton Rouge. No bad reports accept if there competition . Most the time fired! Yes laughs cause they where trained by me. Marketing is like no more then fluff. I have been doing this work over a quarter of a century in Baton Rouge. They […]

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