Update I am always working les I die.

I get the hard work where miracles come from. My Life is a miracle. I will constantly do well for the good and well respected of where ever I go. If you feed me I’m your Craftsman Not really I am well experienced just like a surgeon yes I can butcher and clean fish! Doing […]

Restoration of boards

Restoring boards on stair so we so not have to change the boards

Cemment will not stay on paint

So Oh my God remember that contractor was painting on dirty paint? Now there blowing cement texture on fresh paint that was painted on dirt and mildew. Not placing pictures no name but i am sure you need to know there not from BR. Cannot say who but I assume there screwing over there customer. […]

Putty the holes

sOme ppl think its for look. Not me its to keep water out here

Paul’s a painting

Painting the right way! Does his own work? Cares very much about the Quality he sells you have been looking for this painter painter, all your life. Paul….. call me 225-937-9986 . Come on man !

Get you a Good Painter


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