Do my own website?

Why? Cause I do not care to be run over by Google and comercial entities. comercial entities wants it to look there way and manipulate Googles algorithms. Thats fine. I am not trying to serve Google or pay for tricks to sales and manipulations. I am a Painter /drywall finishing /pressure washing/ handy local Baton […]

Need a Painter?

Interior work now. Sotting back Please use contact form now! Paintforce1 only uses it’s own website for leads. We do not depend  or try very hard in using lead generators . However they harass us to use them. I say your not welcome to ride my piggy bank get a job and ride your own. […]

Steady Painting

Painting Baton Rouge I finished 2 jobs this week .1 on Friday 2nd on Saturday.1st House interior and exterior .2nd house was exterior.The Black rod Iron hand rail is being removed. We did not need to paint it. Painting in Shenandoah next! If your in this neighbor hood give me a holler for a price. […]

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