I am the owner Of PaintForce1. I have been working on this site alone and trying to do my own marketing and run My Business.Hire Fire estimate negotiate mediate, and by the way been doing My own work since I began this Business . well It began years before it began..Now we have been a successfully licenced as a home Improvement Contractor for a few years . No we did not come as a storm chaser. I did not get here Just to paint. Of Course painting was my target. yes it sure was and I have worked with the best. But they never wanted me to become Competition. There not even around anymore most of them are dead.My competition is not even from here. they want to slam me. It helps them into the market to Put Me Down. Maybe just maybe you buy that .LOL Well That's fine. Cause I still do a great job cleaning up there messes. so many messes every where i used to go painting was done correctly accept in apartment painting or where the owner decided to try there luck. Now days its everywhere.

We are going to have to teach whats out there to paint. well if there not a crack head that is. I have issue on top of issue trying to find one decent American who cares enough to give a (*) ha did not say it.  hiring anyone is been a JOKE!

Good bye for now . lets pick it up in comments.

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