Do you need any work painted ?

PaintForce1 is in the Baton Rouge area by LSU we’re here to serve we are equipped with pressure washer drywall tools and painting equipment. You need something done we’re near you we’re close, we’re in your face all the time. Always working, going job to job when will we visit your home?

Hey do you know we vote in the same district? That’s right we’re neighbors do you think I want to do bad work in my own neighborhood?

Of course not in fact I like to see my work it always looks good it always last my customers that have used me which I appreciate them seem to be satisfied with my work.

In fact I have been painting from Baton Rouge Denham Springs Prairieville since July 31,1996 and this is all I do and how I pay my bills I obviously have a little bit of experience and nobody’s run me out of town yet? Will you give me a try you might not need any anybody else sometimes I get busy though right now I got a little bit of the schedule to Fill.

What I have time to do as a bedroom maybe a set of cabinets maybe wash your house maybe paint your kitchen these are examples maybe I can take on a full renovation restoration course it would have to drag out cause I’m already on a project like that and I’m just one person at the moment.

I literally hired for five people on this last job and I could not hire him because two of them wanted cash money I don’t know what happened to the other and the other guy never showed up but two days after he got his first check he just disappeared then came back for his next check funny check Workers I’ve tried some people buddy

are you next in line for PaintForce1

I’m still working on this where to stop in point they have to install doors and windows now for me to finish I might do to post this week if I get time give me a call I’ll come to yours to
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