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Chalk is Crackin  the water start to Rot the wood? yes that;s what happens. the picture is taken 3 foot below the crack. the entire wall of siding had to be replaced. I see this and fear and anger goes through my soul. I hate water and extra cost but this entire wall had to be paid for.  even with Cheap prices this could suddenly pop up and spoil the budget where you finally saved up to paint. then find rot-rot not in one location but back running in the wall. #paintbatonrougeRotted

Snuck up on you!

Look close your paint is coming apart. The beginning of rot!

We would like to help .

More bills when rot sneaks up on you.

Every house I do has had rot.

The owner did not even know it.

Sorry I do bring bad news some times.

Spraying againI like to paint!
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