Interior Painting Renovations


Painter Does it all! Yes this Painter can. But we stick low and move with Quality in mind all the time.

Your needing a guy you never met before. That would likely might be me. Been Painting behind old Painters for years before starting my business. I have been in many million dollar homes over the years. Yes the biggest home ever built in louisiana too. Till Katrina hit then I left my old boss and became me. See I was always them. yup! them never me. Now I am me. Since 2005 I have contracted my own work. November 2007 I became a June of 2008 I became an LLC.


Thats WHY!

I been under somebody Else’s well known Name since JUly 31,1996.

The work I did I never really photoed till these LAST Days. My photos are real not fake. Not like marketing marvels. I really ware my old body out doing real work.I am not a photographer. I do not care much for the photos.

But you need to believe in me, so I put sum up. Not every job is wonderful, sometimes they get me to do small projects. Yes! I do small Projects for fast money.






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